Systems Integration and Data Conversion (SIDC)

• Custom system integration
• Automated and real time legacy data migration
• Systems analysis
• System design
• Code refactoring
• Programming
• Training

Smartphone Application Design

Migration from ethernet to wireless platforms can compromise application performance. Blue Lotus SIDC can create middleware to "re-factor" database servers to improve wireless reliability and turnaround times, and re-engineer applications to work smoothly across all networks, be they VPN, cloud-based or WiFi networks, while maintaining core application assumptions. We specialize in re-engineering your applications to work swiftly and smoothly throughout your entired wired and wireless network.

Risk Management

Manage and distribute risk across your entire enterprise while preserving and stabilizing the business processes encoded in the IT infrastructure. We specialize in giving executive management an unbiased outside assessment of personnel and processes-oriented risks. We put measures in place which manage interfaces of old and new technologies. Early on, before deployment, you may decide to ask for:

1. a report of our opinion to help guide your decision and suggested approaches to risk management
2. the above plus an on-site assessment, followed by ongoing supervision*
*includes free support afterwards

Technology Acquisition/Investment

Blue Lotus SIDC approaches hardware purchases with the same care your HR staff uses for new hires. Blue Lotus SIDC can help manage risks associated with new technology acquisition: we help you deploy new tools and technologies into your existing infrastructure in ways that maximize their effectiveness while minimizing their disruption.

Vendor Management

Execute decisions with unprecedented confidence. Purchase with the wisdom of an internal IT department without the overhead and conflicts of self-
interest associated with maintaining staff.

Operational Assessment

Blue Lotus SIDC understands that businesses evolve organically, and as they grow, new problems can emerge. We can help you discover a vision for how to provide technological solutions and maintain your soft costs, reduce your hard costs, and free up resources to apply towards healthy risks which can help you lead.

Project Management

The PM's job is not to accurately record how or why a project fails, but to break through the bottlenecks that induce failure. We can support your in-house PM in finding solutions, breaking bottlenecks, or take over any aspect of the project from any level and all aspects of project management: planning, implementation, monitoring and training. Using the Blue Lotus techniques we create conditions in which success is a positive experience for every person involved with the project.

Individual Officer/Employee Coaching

Energize your employees or an entire department. Empower them to burst through that final 5% of process that they are constantly butting their heads against. Give them a secret weapon that helps everyone win.

Post-Merger/Acquisition Coaching

Conflicts among IT departments in the aftermath of a merger or acquisition from these two groups can generate more problems than afterthoughts and forced optimism can manage. We know how IT departments think at every level of employee, what their needs are, and can reassure them in ways that business customers can't. In the end, you have a single team dedicated to realizing supporting the full realization of your business goals.

Hiring IT Personnel, Creating Departments

Finding good employees for an IT department may be daunting for HR people not versed in IT, and the opposite holds true as well. Blue Lotus SIDC can staff your internal IT department with optimal people. We can also consult in the planning and structuring of your IT department's budget, salaries, hardware, competencies and personnel in ways that optimize delivery of business results.